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Cindy Yen for 2 Be Different

Part 2: In this clip: Mandopop King Jay Chou's protege Cindy ...

Cindy Yen 袁詠琳 on ICRT (02/11/2015)

Jockey Joe interviews Cindy Yen 袁詠琳on ICRT (02/11/2015)

YourCityTV: Interview with ABC School Board Candidate Cindy Yen Chen

Cerritos resident Cindy Yen Chen talks to the Los Cerritos Community News Editor Jerry Bernstein and Reporter Randy Economy ...



Cindy's 3rd Radio Interview 1of5

Part 2:

The next Jolin Tsai? (Cindy Yen Pt 3)

Jay Chou's protege Cindy Yen looks remarkably like his rumoured ex-girlfriend Jolin Tsai. And having made a comeback with a ...

Cindy Yen International Recording artist takes a moment with Kevin Wu.

Cindy Yen speaks to Kevin Wu and wows the crowd with her music. She was in town for Lunar New Years celebration. She did a ...

Jay Chou Cindy Yen Duet LA Concert Jay Chou & Cindy Yen (周杰伦 袁詠琳 - 黑色幽默)

Sorry for my shaky hands, I was more focused on watching the concert. 周杰伦2011洛杉矶超时代演唱会.

Cindy's 8th Radio Interview 1of5

Part 2:

袁詠琳 Cindy Yen Miss Chinatown 2009

Cindy Yen 袁詠琳won Miss Chinatown 2009 and this was during a parade in San Francisco, CA she gave her speech. This was ...

She's not attracted to Jay Chou (Cindy Yen Pt 2)

Singer-songwriter Cindy Yen tells us why sparks would never fly between Jay Chou and her.The Taiwanese-American singer was ...

Sarah Zhuang | People Interview | Gafencu

Sneak peek into our interview with Sarah Zhuang, Hong Kong's own jewellery designer.

Cindy's 3rd Radio Interview 2of5

Part 3:

Joe Rogan Experience #1427 - Melissa Chen

Melissa Chen is the NY editor for Spectator USA and the managing director of Ideas Beyond Borders.

The UP Program - HULT Prize 2013

Accessibility determines food security in urban slums. The UP Program gives slum communities direct access to safe food through ...

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