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Liz Phair Interview, 1994. Liz dissects Exile in Guyville and how the album cover was developed.

Liz Phair Interview, 120 Minutes, 1994. Liz dissects the approach to Exile in Guyville and how the album cover was developed.

Liz Phair - Interview

Prior to the in Exile in Guyville re-release, Pitchfork writer Amanda Petrusich sits down with Liz Phair as she revisits her classic ...

Joe Rogan Experience #1100 - Liz Phair

Liz Phair is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. The 25th Anniversary box set celebrating her 7 LP's "Girly Sound to Guyville" ...

Liz Phair launches Asher Dauer

This week Liz Phair launches Asher Dauer. A pioneer recording artist and an unapologetic rockstar. Part philosopher. Part sexpot.

Liz Phair Taught Her Mansplaining College Boyfriends What Good Music Was

Liz Phair talks about how she got her start in music, shares what Ira Glass said about her first live performance ever and discusses ...

Liz Phair Horror Stories: A Memoir

Liz Phair stopped by The Lounge to talk about her new book, Horror Stories: A Memoir.

Liz Phair Good Morning America Interview 1994

video of Liz Phair's appearance on GMA promoting her album Whip-Smart.

Liz Phair - Breakfast With The Arts Interview

Interview with Liz Phair (who sounds like she had a cold at the time. sniffle sniffle) from A&E's Breakfast with the Arts. Aired Nov ...

Chicago Rock Pt. 1 (1993 feature including Liz Phair & Smashing Pumpkins)

The first of a two-part feature on Chicago's alternative rock scene that aired during a news broadcast on Fox affiliate WFLD ...

Liz Phair’s Anesthesiologist Asked for Her Autograph While She Was in Labor

Liz Phair talks about her plans for a sequel to her memoir and shares the story of the excruciatingly long delivery of her son.

Liz Phair - The New Music feature (2003)

A feature on Liz Phair that aired on MuchMusic's 'The New Music' in late 2003. Liz is interviewed about her self-titled album; there ...

Liz Phair - December 30, 1993 WFLD News Feature

A short news piece on Liz Phair that aired on Fox affiliate WFLD on December 30, 1993. Includes interview and performance ...

Liz Phair, A.R. Rahman and Alex Kurtzman Interview HD | People Like Us Soundtrack "Dotted Line"


Liz Phair - Live at Vintage Vinyl 9/3/2003

Liz Phair performing on our stage back in 2003. To see more photos and videos from our instore archive, or to shop for records, ...

Liz Phair's Book "Horror Stories" Lets Us Look Behind the Music

Liz Phair has always felt a connection with her audience and that her music was more than just some fun songs. She wants to ...

Saturday Sessions: Liz Phair performs "Good Side"

Indie music legend Liz Phair rocked the music patriarchy back in the 1990s. She performs "Good Side," her first single in a decade ...

Liz Phair - Supernova

Music video by Liz Phair performing Supernova (Video).

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