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Sheikh Haikel interviews ShiGGa Shay & Vanessa Fernandez

STS TeleV Episode 1, BIG UPS Sheikh Haikel & Soul Theory Studios bring you "STS TeleV", our monthly ONLINE programme to ...

LOFI-SG.TV - Sheikh Haikel Interview

Singaporean hip-hop veteran Sheikh Haikel talks about his musical collaborations and the possibility of rapping in Chinese.

FatPapas Launch - Sheikh Haikel, Joe Flizzow & Sonaone (Big Brother)


Sheikh Haikel visits FAT BOY'S Burger Bar

Sheikh Haikel & Soul Theory Studios bring you "STS TeleV", our monthly ONLINE programme to let you know 'WHO SAYS WHAT ...

Sheikh Haikel, Joe Flizzow and Saykoji

Standing strong together, through music on one stage for the Hip Hop Fest 2010, 8block (Singapore)

(YNTV - Episode 1) "Youth Sentiments Street Interview with Sheikh Haikel" (Part 1/3)

What are my employment prospects after graduation? Are local graduates earning higher salaries? What is your wish for your ...

I will remember you by Siti Nur Haliza feat Sheikh Haikal

This video is so cute they sing together :) Sheikh Haikal so cute lah Happy watch people.

Sheikh Haikel in the making of School Of Music (SOM)

Sheikh Haikel opens School Of Music in JUNE! Check him out as he takes us on a tour through the construction.

Vlog Germamy: Have You EVER Been To A FC Bayern Game? FCB vs Werder Bremen | RedCardTV

I went to watch FC Bayern Munch vs Werder Bremen, my first ever German Bundesliga game. Although it was a little one sided, ...

Emcee: Juanita Ramayah & Sheikh Haikel, B CAMERA, Influence Asia 2017

B CAMERA, Influence Asia 2017, 8th April 2017, KLCC Playlist: ...

Sheikh Haikel Coming to TPRAWKS 2010!

Sheikh Haikel's gonna be coming to TPRAWKS Day 1!

FatPapas Burgers and Shakes

Rapper Sheikh Haikel opened up a FatPapas Burgers and Shakes eatery, the first halal offshoot of Fatboy's The Burger Bar.

Sheikh Haikel Interviews Tracy Phillips

STS TeleV Episode 2, WHO SAYS WHAT An accomplished marketeer and creative consultant, Tracy Phillips has helped shape ...

Sheikh Haikel interviewed about Cervical Cancer

Sheikh Haikel shares his thoughts about protecting all women against cervical cancer. Taken at POCC Jam. Find out more by ...

Sheikh Haikel + Minister Tan @ CoffeeShop Talk

Young NTUC CoffeeShop Talk 2011with BG (NS) Tan Chuan-Jin.

haikel et moi

une grande amitié.

Deedat's debate with American Soldiers (1993)

Deedat's debate with American Soldiers (1993)


Sheikh Haikel, Vanessa Fernandez & ShiGGa Shay performs 'Monster' LIVE at Writers' Festival 2011. Proudly presented by Soul ...

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