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Father Stan Fortuna interview by Anthony MacDonald

Editor - Mahalakshmi Babu, Camera operator - Etta Setionago, Story - Anthony MacDonald, Sound - Claire Deak.

F.A.M.I.L.Y - Forget about Me -I Love You.- Fr.Stan Fortuna.

F.A.M.I.L.Y - Forget about Me -I Love You.- New York priest Fr.Stan Fortuna in Knock, Ireland.

Catholic Rap - Catholic Focus - Fr. Stan Fortuna

David Wang returns to speak with Pedro about Catholic rap musicians. Pedro also sits with singer/songwriter, musician, author ...

Catholic Priest Takes Your Breath Away

I travelled with this guy for a few days last year. I definitely learned a lot from him, both about music and my faith. This is my favorite ...

EC1994 - Fr Stan Fortuna - Youth Programme

Father Stan Fortuna was a big hit with the young ones at our 1994 convention. His message is timeless and as relevant today as it ...

Artist Interview - Fr. Stan Explains Catholic Underground

Before his London performance at Catholic Underground, Fr. Stan gives us the low down on the event's origins.

Interview zu Father Stan Fortuna

Interview geführt von Dieter Waldraff (Freiburg)

EC1994 - Fr Stan Fortuna - The Narrow Way

In 1994 Father Stan Fortuna came to New Zealand for the first time and wowed the audience. This is a recording of his ...

Fr Stan Fortuna @ Summer Madness 07

Fr.Stan Fortuna mixes drum & bass (and sometimes uses his bass as a drum!) and presents a unique gospel message to the ...

Sent (Full Length, HD, Documentary, English, Fr. Stan Fortuna CFR) watch free docs on youtube

Sent - An uplifting documentary about the life and work of jazz, hip hop priest, Fr. Stan Fortuna CFR who mixes music with ...


Fantastic new music video of Fr Stan's hard hitting song by Grassroots Productions.

Amazing Grace by Fr Stan Fortuna, CFR

Amazing Grace by Fr Stan Fortuna, CFR.

Fr Stan Fortuna - why people suffer - part 1

Fr Stan explains pope JPII's letter on the meaning of human suffering.

EC1999- Fr Stan Fortuna CFR - Serving The Poor in Christ

In 1999 Father Stan Fortuna returned to our convention; and what a delight it was to have him with us again. The theme for this ...

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