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Get to know Susana Baca | Feb 22 at The Soraya

TURN CLOSED CAPTIONING (CC) ON FOR SUBTITLES Susana Baca's music draws from her Afro-Peruvian roots as well as American ...

Susana Baca - Caracunde

Susana Baca performing Caracunde on the jools holland show.

Entrevista con Claudia Palacios - Susana Baca, cantautora peruana

5 de agosto de 2016

Entrevista a Susana Baca, cantante, compositora e investigadora de música

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Irka Mateo, Susana Baca, Salesianos, Alejandro y Maria Luna. | Nueva York

First, we head to Queens to talk with Dominican folk musician and singer Irka Mateo. She talks to us about how finding out ...

Susana Baca, NALAC at San Jose and Liza Garza

A report from San Jose about the 20th National Association of Latino Arts and Culture conference featured Susana Baca and Liza ...

David Byrne - María Landó

Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul of Black Peru is a 1995 album. The album was compiled by David Byrne (of the Talking Heads), ...

Encuentro en el Estudio con Susana Baca 1 (English subtitles)

First part of the interview to Susana Baca in the program "Encuentro en el Estudio" (Meeting at the Studio)

Operabuja 2012 with Susana Baca - Part 1

Videoclip of Operabuja 2012. AMEMUSO Choir with Susana Baca - Part 1.

Susana Baca expone la influencia africana en el Perú

La cantante y compositora peruana, Susana Baca, nos cuenta sobre su nueva obra "La influencia africana en el Perú".

Susana Baca Soundbite

The wonderful and talented Grammy Award winning Peruvian singer Susana Baca invites Columbia College into her home for an ...

Music as Resistance, Healing, and Transformation (Susana Baca)

The Gender and Interculturalities Working Group, MALCS de UCLA, the UCLA library, and several other campus groups ...

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