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eiji wentz - teicalo CM making and interview


[JAPAN] Eiji Wentz Tribute - Singer Songwriter & Actor

This video is dedicated to Mr. Eiji Wentz, a "WaT" member and talented actor. Eiji is Eurasian: his father is German who lives in the ...

Wentz Eiji - Awaking Emotion 8-5

Wentz Eiji - Awaking Emotion 8-5.

Japanese celebrities speaking English 2

Compilation Part 2. credit goes to original videos. Subs are available for some parts. Click cc. Unfortunately, my part 3 compilation ...

Eiji Wentz' 25th Birthday Tribute

I hope you WaTAHOLICS will love it.. and I hope Eiji Wentz' will see this..^^ Love yah all!!~~ Please support our Page in Facebook ...

wentz eiji cocoa cm 2

wentz eiji cocoa cm 2.

Happy 30th Birthday, Wentz Eiji

Some member from Eiji Wentz Lover FB group made a little present for Wentz Eiji's 30th birthday!

Yasha (So Ji Sub) vs Kitaro (Eiji Wentz)

My favourite part from the movie ""Gege no Kitaro: The Millenium Curse" u ...

Happy Birthday to Wentz Eiji !!!

Wentz Eiji's birthday is very near. To us he is a very special person... This is our birthday present for him. We pray that one day he ...

Japanese celebrities speaking English 3 (Reuploaded w/ cuts)

Compilation Part 3 reuploaded. credit goes to original videos. I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a long time. Dealing with some stuff ...

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