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Lu Xiaojun | Best Training Lifts, Strength vs Technique, and What He's Working On Now | WH Interview

In part 1 of the exclusive Lu Xiaojun WH interview, Lu spoke about all of his biggest training lifts, how he has remained at ...

Lu Xiaojun Winter 2020 Interview

An interview that Lu Xiaojun did with CCTV in winter 2020.

Lu Xiaojun Relives his 207kg World Record & Favorite Moments | Interview Part 2

Lu Xiaojun (81) talks about his competition with teammate Li Dayin, his unbelievable 2019 World Championships performance (171 ...

2018 Chinese Weightlifting Documentary Part 2: Lu Xiaojun Segment

Lu Xiaojun talks about his "weight gain", training at his age, and "balancing" family obligations and training full-time.

Lu Xiaojun teaching Tibetan Strongmen the sport of Weightlifting

Tibetan rock carrying athletes visit the Weightlifting training hall at the National Training Center.

Lu Xiaojun Talks On The Squat Jerk vs the Split Jerk & Why He Does Lu Raises | WH Interview Part 3

I spoke with Lu Xiaojun whilst in Switzerland last year about why he performs the squat jerk, why he likes Lu raises for ...

Interview with Lu Xiaojun (English sub)

My IG: https://instagram.com/marek.pham Support me: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8kwr4joek3 I own all the rights for the video ...

[ENG SUB] 191223 WAYV Thailand Interview (Morning News Channel 3)

Full English subs of WayV's interview in Thailand for Morning News Channel 3 on 12.23.2019. It's so nice hearing Ten speak Thai!

Xiaojun 2016 Fame Interview Subbed

cr: Jicealim for translating and subbing Interview for WayV Xiao Dejun on his role as Joe in Wuhan University's production of ...

Lu Xiaojun comments on his loss to Rahimov

Lu comments on his loss at the press conference after his rio silver performance. Rahimov's win was controversial in China.

[ENG SUB] 200415 XIAOJUN Yizhibo Live - (WayV Sleeping Noise Levels Ranked, Cantonese, Singing)

Full English subs of Xiaojun's Yizhibo live on 04.15.2020. Translated and Subbed by: @WayVSubs2019 https://twitter.com ...

270kg ? I can squat 10 Reps | Tian Tao Interview Part 1

www.luxiaojunbarbell.com https://space.bilibili.com/398871996.

[ENG,CHN,JPN SUB] 웨이션 브이의 ‘집콕’ 게임 3종 세트, 우리 같이해요! Mission ELLEpossible with WayV 威神V I ELLE KOREA

#미션엘파서블 #웨이션브이 #WayV #집콕게임 #威神V 🌿 웨이션 브이 식 ‘코로나 블루’ 예방법 하는 사람도 보는 사람도 모두 즐거운 ...

Lu Xiaojun & Tian Tao Squat with Fake Weights

Whilst in Switzerland, Lu Xiaojun (81), Tian Tao (96), and Yang Zhe (109) squatted with 25kg looking 2.5kg bumper plates for ...

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